Return To Dragonterra (Complete Series 2)

Return To Dragonterra (Complete Series 2)

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Join Evan and Conor as they return to Dragonterra for another magical adventure with Lucy the wozlett!


Wizard Snivvard is still determined to be ruler of Dragonterra and he has a sidekick, Pirate Pincho, to help him out this time.

Aleeze’s energy has been zapped and all five of her baby dragons have been kidnapped! Can Evan and Conor rescue them and restore Aleeze’s power?

The boys still have Grandad's trusty rucksack, but it's full of a whole new range of magical objects this time! Evan and Conor encounter plenty of new creatures - some fierce and some friendly - as they explore different regions of Dragonterra.

Join them on six more magical adventures in the land of Dragonterra; the Cave, the Swamp, the Desert, the River, the Sky and the Maze Adventures all await!

Dragonterra: bringing magic back to bedtime!


Each book weighs approximately 100g and is 12.5cm x 19.5cm.

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